Spa Central utilizes two product lines for skincare treatments; both have been in the industry for over 20 years. These two lines are available for at-home use.

Decleor Paris offers a comprehensive aromatherapy skincare line. Represented in 75 different countries, Decleor backs their products with clinical testing and in-depth training. Below are the Decleor skin care products at Spa Central which target specific skin types. 


Decleor Skin Care Products

  • Excellence de L'Age Line, for targeting aging from hormonal changes in the skin
  • Angelique Line, for very dry skin types 
  • Harmonie Line, for sensitive skin
  • Hydra Floral Line, hydration for all skin types

Glymed Plus Purely Professional Skin Care Line is a system that encompasses home care and clinical treatments. Glymed Plus has been recognized as the pioneer in cellular, anti-aging, acne, and photo-damage skin therapy. Spa Central is proud to be using their innovative products to help clients achieve skin care results.


Glymed Plus Skin Care Products

  • Age Management Skin Care System
  • Serious Action Acne Management Skin Care System
  • Cell Science Skin Care System