Skin care should be an integral part of anyone's regime starting at any age when imbalances of the skin start to arise. Consistent care of the skin produces visible results just as healthy diet and exercise do. 

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Our facial treatments are designed to enhance a long-term skin care program. Your esthetician will determine the type of facial and products that are specific to your skin needs.

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Indulge in body treatments to improve circulation and promote a healthy glow. Keep your skin smooth and hair-free from brow to bikini, or get a natural-looking tan without the harsh effects of the sun. 

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We offer six massage styles to relax muscles, release tension, reduce pain, reinvigorate, and promote health and well-being. Walk away feeling renewed and refreshed.

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Spa Central utilizes two product lines for skincare treatments, also available to purchase for
at-home use. Decleor is a line of all natural, paraben-free products with exceptional and innovative formulations for effective Aromatherapy skincare. GlymedPlus is a pharmaceutical grade product line that delivers visible results to promote healthy, beautiful skin. 

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Treat yourself or someone you love

Choose from our menu of Spa Packages including massage, body exfoliation, and skin care. Relax and rejuvenate your body and spirit – we'll help you select appropriate services that exceed your expectations.

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Gift Certificates are available for a specific service or in any dollar amount ($10 minimum). Gift certificates do not expire, however the value at which the certificate is purchased is guaranteed for one year and then will depreciate in value every year after that. We do not give refunds for gift certificates for any reason and are unable to transfer gift certificates from one person to another. Coupons may not be used if paying with, or towards, a gift certificate.

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